Luxury Glam Boudoir Session, Vintner’s Inn Sonoma County

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When she told me she was bringing some of her favorite shoes to her boudoir session, I had no idea what kind of awesomeness was about to ensue..

Let me share with you the story of Mrs. S. and then you can hear what she had to say about her experience.

Mrs. S lives out of town and was searching the Internet for a boudoir photographer when she came upon my website and connected with my work.

We set up a consultation at a coffee shop where I showed her some of my products, talked about the style of her session, went over outfit options, makeup styling, and personal preferences.

She said she had quite the shoe collection and I have learned to take a girl seriously when she tells me that!

I secured a gorgeous location for her photoshoot, at the Vintner’s Inn, in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’ve never been, it’s a classy and luxurious place to stay in the heart of the Sonoma wine country.

red lips glam sparkle makeup boudoir

She arrived and lay her outfits and accessories out. I got started on my game plan.

With some music to set the tone and some champagne to sip, she got in her robe and hopped into the chair, while Brittney, a professional makeup artist, got her all glammed up!

As I was laying out her gorgeous lingerie, I saw her bag with all the boxes of shoes and thought, “Ooh! lets see what she brought in there!”

My jaw dropped to the ever-lovin’ floor as I pulled out, not one.. not two… not three, but four pairs of sexy red bottom Christian Leboutin heels!

classy boudoir sonoma county

Now, I don’t expect all girls to know what those are. (I do and I can’t even walk in them!) But know this: They are the sexiest shoe on the planet and can make a woman feel hot as hell, just like a really nice sports car might do for a guy.

And she had four pair!! In different colors!! I was in boudoir photographer heaven!

Everything went together so nicely for her shoot. The glam dress I brought, the gorgeous bodysuits and sets she brought, mixed with her glam faux fur jacket, shoes and sexy lingerie.

glam boudoir session

To top it off, was this gorgeous woman, owning her awesome self, and sporting a red lipstick that would, no doubt, make any man’s head turn.

We captured a variety of glamorous, classy, and sexy images. And, we discovered that we both shared a love for shoes! Hers was already there. Mine didn’t fully evolve until this day!

Here’s what Mrs. S had to say about her boudoir experience:

“The photoshoot was surprisingly very fun and comfortable to do. I was so nervous to do it and worried about how I’d look, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and blown away by the results.
The photographs were so tastefully sexy and with great lighting and angles. I treasure my photographs from the session.
Leading up to it, I was anxious, nervous, and semi-terrified. However, Karen made me feel instantly comfortable and was so encouraging and fun. I felt absolutely elated after the shoot was completed, it was an emotional high. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
DO IT NOW! Don’t wait, don’t make excuses, do it now.”

Hair and makeup by Brittney Campos, at On Fleek Studio in Windsor, CA

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