Why Boudoir Photography?

Being a boudoir photographer is a unique profession. At social gatherings and at my sessions, I have been asked the same question time and time again: How did I end up shooting boudoir?

Making a positive difference in people’s lives with my work is super important. And boudoir photography is about so much more than the photos! 

When I took on this new career in 2015, I started shooting events and portraiture. But, once I had my very first boudoir session, nothing else compared to the feeling I got from helping women with their confidence.

Seeing a woman gain more self-acceptance, more body positivity, and really see herself as art for the first time became the fulfilling and creative profession I was looking for.

You could definitely say, it found me.

boudoir black and white shadows

I see the beauty in everyone that comes in front of my lens and believe that I can show any woman a side of herself she has probably never seen in a photograph before. 

Women have to trust in me that I can capture something they may not see. I hear it a lot and I am guilty of it myself: not feeling beautiful or sexy because they feel too short, or too tall, or weigh too much, or have stretch marks and cellulite.

Seeing the reactions of these women has made my unique profession so fulfilling. 

happy woman

The Transformation

When a client comes to my studio for a boudoir photography session, the transformation is one of the best parts of the whole experience for me to witness. 

It’s very common for a woman to arrive to her session, nervous, maybe even a little shaky or sweaty. Once she is in the hair and makeup chair, the transformation begins and she is able to shed those nerves quickly. She becomes relaxed and is fully welcoming of the pampering that she has been looking forward to.

Very much like the biggest game of ‘Simon Says’ that you ever did play, I am posing every woman from head to toe. I am coaching her expression, her breathing, and instructing her where to look and when to open and close her eyes. 

The laughter starts to come out. She sees a glimpse of what it’s like to be a model and even an actress!