One of the very best things about my job is the women I get to meet and photograph.

Not only does it give me such a high admiration for the female species, but it also offers me a glimpse inside the different lives of many astonishing females.

Here is the story of one of those astonishing females.

She is eclectic, talented, SO MUCH FUN, and knows wine, flamenco, and fashion like a pro. She is truly a woman I admire for living life to its fullest.

For this session, we incorporated one of her triumphs – beating breast cancer. And also focused on some of her passions, like painting, wine, and Italian food.

We did a play on a mid-century photoshoot from icon, Sofia Loren, using spaghetti!

Hear what Wendy had to say about her experience and see images from her session below!

boudoir, painting, artist, muse, French

“This was my second session with Karen. I first met her, randomly, through her FB page and was intrigued.

Booked the intro interview and decided to take a chance. I was very nervous to do my first one. I was 68 yo. My first one was more boudoir and very pin up.

This time, because of my age (72), I wanted a session that was more subdued and classy.


“Before my session, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was nervous. I had started building my Private Pinterest board and got more excited at the thought that this could be fun. I bought a piece of lingerie from Karen’s list of possibilities. Then, of course, I tried on said lingerie and the nervousness came back as I did not look like the model in the photo…lol.

I picked some outfits that I thought would work, we headed to the great outdoors and it was really fun.

This second session, I had a new set of nerves. I had gained weight. I had scars from breast cancer surgery & I was 5 years older (72). Again, the Private Pinterest board really helped me define a look that I thought would work for me.”


“I love the anticipation and building the Pinterest Board. This time, going to Karen’s (old) studio was a completely different experience. She is a master at lighting and hiding those parts that you may be uncomfortable with. Trying different looks and “implied nudity” (and also this time, real nudity) was, I think, my favorite part. I felt brave and empowered.”